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What we do

PUSH is a volunteer based Israeli non-profit organization. The aim is to give a “push” to less advantaged children by tutoring them within the framework of the public school system. The volunteers work with the school children (grade 1 to 12) on a regular weekly basis during the school year, helping them with basic skills....

In order to volunteer you do not have to be a teacher, it is sufficient to have a warm heart, lots of patience and are able to commit to an hour and a half once a week. PUSH assists at schools, with children from grades 1-12, during school hours. The volunteers work with children selected by the school staff,...
Through our work, PUSH has found that many of the children we deal with have learning disabilities and need more help than others in order to gain the knowledge and competence required to succeed academically or in the working world. As hard as our volunteers try to help, they often do not have the necessary skills to help these children...

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