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What we do?

Volunteer project

Push is a nonprofit organization, integrating volunteers from the community into the public school system. The volunteers tutor children from lower socioeconomic backgrounds who are having academic difficulties and whose parents cannot help them or pay for private tutoring.
Most of our volunteers have an academic background in a wide range of subjects and wish to give back to the community by helping others.
The personal attention given by the volunteers encourages the students to make an extra effort, boosts their confidence and improves their self image. The personal example set by the volunteers exposes the students to different approaches and outlooks on life. It allows them to see the opportunities that are available and to understand the importance of education.
Our activities take place within the regular school framework, but working with the volunteers adds a new dimension to the educational experience, especially for those students who slip between the cracks and struggle to keep up because of the chronic shortage of resources.
Our volunteer program is regularly assessed. Our annual reports show a high level of appreciation and satisfaction amongst the school staff. They emphasize the significance of the volunteers’ contribution, both personal and academic. A meaningful improvement of the level of academic achievement has been noted. Equally important, is the sense of achievement felt by our volunteers from the work with the student.
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