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How are the volunteers assigned?

Each volunteer chooses in which area they wish to work, what subjects they can help with and which age group they prefer.

How are do you go about volunteering for PUSH?

You can either enter your details in the "Contact" tab on the website or you can contact the Regional Coordinator in the area closest to you (a list of Regional Coordinators appears in our website under the "Activities" tab). The Regional Coordinator will then meet with you in person to discuss your expectations and determine suitability. You will then be referred to a school that matches your wishes. The Regional Coordinator will accompany you from the outset and will maintain contact with you throughout the year.

What ages do PUSH volunteers work with?

PUSH is active in elementary schools, junior high school and high schools, basically from grade 1 up until grade 12.

What subjects can I teach?

Volunteers can help with all subjects taught in the school curriculum. Our experience is that there are particular needs for assistance in Hebrew, English, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Bible and Hebrew grammar.

Do the volunteers work with the same students each time, or do they vary?

The volunteers work with the same student throughout the school year. If there is a problem with a particular student, please discuss it with your regional coordinator.

How often do the volunteers meet with the students?

The meetings are held at prescheduled time every week throughout the school year and last an hour and a half each time.

Who decides what is to be taught?

The volunteers meet with the school staff and together they build a suitable program, tailored for each child.

Can I volunteer more than once a week?

Most definitely. You are welcome to volunteer as often as you have time for.

Can I volunteer after school hours?

You can volunteer after school hours, if the school is still open. We have volunteers who come in the mornings, others in the afternoons, and others on Fridays.

Do I meet with the children in their homes?

No. The lessons are usually held on school premises and on occasion in local community centers and club houses.

Do you only accept volunteers with a teaching background?

No, anyone with 12 years of education can find a place in PUSH

I travel a lot. Can I still volunteer with PUSH?

Yes. Just let the student know beforehand that you won’t be coming


Sometimes, something unexpected crops up and I can’t get to the lesson on time. What should I do?


We suggest that at the first meeting, you exchange phone numbers with your students, so that you can contact each other if you are going to be late or cannot make it.


Does PUSH have a Facebook page or a LinkedIn group?

Yes, for Facebook click here and for LinkedIn click here.

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