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What is PUSH?
PUSH is a non-profit organization in Israel that aims to give a “push” to disadvantaged children by tutoring them within the framework of the public school system.

PUSH is based mainly on volunteers. They work with the students on a weekly basis during the school year, helping them with basic skills such as grammar, spelling, mathematics, English and science. These extracurricular activities take place in small groups on school premises and in full coordination with members of the school staff. As a result, tutoring is very focused, and specific to each group to help develop the students’ basic learning skills.

The ultimate goal of PUSH is to increase the students’ chances to graduate with full matriculation, open doors for those interested in higher education and to provide today’s disadvantaged youth with the skills they need to join the workforce in today’s competitive climate.

There are many areas where PUSH volunteers do not have the professional skills required to help various students. Evaluation and assessment of learning disabilities and remedial teaching require specialized and trained professionals. To that end, PUSH employs remedial teachers to provide extra help for children with learning disabilities within the school system, teaching them basic reading and writing skills. One of PUSH’s goals is to further expand this program to reach more children every year.

PUSH was created by Odelia Shpitalni, an attorney with an established record of community involvement and public service. She has held the post of legal counsel at the Tel Aviv Municipality as well as at Tel Hashomer and Tel Aviv Medical Centers. In addition, she has served on local education councils. Odelia has a Master’s degree from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Currently, Odelia serves as the chairperson of PUSH.
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