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What is PUSH
PUSH is a volunteer based Israeli non-profit organization. The aim is to give a “push” to less advantaged children by tutoring them within the framework of the public school system.

The volunteers work with the students on a regular weekly basis during the school year, helping them with the basic skills such as Hebrew, English, Mathematics and Physics. These extracurricular activities take place in small groups, on the school premises, and are coordinated with the school staff. The tutoring is very focused and helps develop the students’ basic learning skills.

The ultimate goal of PUSH is to help give the student a better opportunity to matriculate and achieve a higher education, thus acquiring the skills needed for joining the workforce in today’s competitive climate.

PUSH was established by Odelia Shpitalni, an attorney with an established record of community involvement and public service. She has held the post of a legal counsel at the Tel Aviv Municipality as well as for Tel Hashomer and Sourasky Medical Centers. In addition, she has served on local education councils. Odelia has a Master’s degree from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Currently, Odelia serves as the chairperson of PUSH.
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