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PUSH's accomplishments
What has PUSH accomplished?

PUSH began its activities in 2002 in Or Yehuda, an Israeli town comprised largely of working class citizens with a relatively high percentage of families from the lower socio-economic class. Or Yehuda residents include many new immigrant families from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia and only 5% of the student population is expected to pursue studies at a post-secondary level.

Currently PUSH, with its 1,300 volunteers, tutors more than 2,500 children, aged 8-18, in approximately 185 schools in 33 towns in Israel. PUSH is also active in economically well-established regions where the gap between the fortunate and less fortunate is felt very acutely.

PUSH also provides extra remedial teaching services in some locations where there are a lack of staff and facilities. Our volunteers do not have the necessary skills and we have found it necessary to employ professional teachers .

PUSH works in close coordination with the teachers and principals at the schools, and closely monitors the contribution of the volunteers and progress of the students. Clear measurements have been defined to examine the success of the program, both from the schools’ point of view and that of the volunteers.
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