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Remedial teaching
Through our work, PUSH has found that many of the children that we work with, have learning disabilities and do not read or write according to their age level. Our volunteers do not have the necessary skills to work with these children.

The project works in two ways:

Directly - PUSH hires professional teachers who are supervised by Dr. Meirav Rabinovitch, an expert in special education, didactic diagnosis and improving learning processes
Indirectly - PUSH works together with the Hadad Center for Research in Dyslexia and Reading Disorders at Bar Ilan University. The Center has developed educational programs, combining knowledge gathered in the field with academic research. The Hadad Center is under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, subject to the regional coordinators in the areas in which the teacher are employed.
The remedial lessons, held during school hours, are given to small groups of children in the lower grades. The students participating are students who, although experiencing academic difficulties, do not legally qualify for extra help from the school. They are selected by the school staff and Push`s remedial teachers. The project is run in conjunction with the education departments of the local authorities and is funded by donations raised by PUSH.
The project aims at:
  • Improving reading accuracy, fluency and comprehension 
  • Improving writing skills and expressive capabilities.
  • Improving linguistic skills — phonological, morphological, syntactic and semantic awareness
  • Improving cognitive and learning skills — sorting, comparisons, generalization and comprehension of narrative and informative texts.
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